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  When I opened the electric mixer cup, I almost returned it because I didn’t believe that cool shaker Cups would effectively mix my daily protein drinks. The small mixing fork does not look strong enough to complete the work. I was wrong.

  I charged the shaker cup target, filled it with 12 ounces of available 18 ounces, and then pressed the button. It immediately proved that it was fully qualified for the task. A great alternative to the standard shaker for better results.

  If you put in more than 12 ounces, you may also need to shake shaker cup gfuel, but if you like or need a little extra shaking to complete the mixing, it is also an excellent waterproof shaker. Pop up top is easy to use. The charging can be used multiple times and quickly charged through the easy-to-use magnetic charging connector.

  This is especially useful for those who may have any difficulties in using a standard shaker but do not want the confusion and over correction of traditional mixers. Cleaning up is easy. Great mixer cup for alcohol!

  I seldom write comments, but I have to write comments for them. I have used these mixer cup Walmart many times a day for nearly a year, and the mixer cup blender is still very strong. From the beginning, I liked it very much and I had to buy another one. I’m sure I’ll get more in the end because their color choice is great.

  It’s hard for me to maintain my weight, so I drink a weight gain milkshake twice a day. They were powdered and I mixed them with whole milk. So I use these milkshakes very thick.

  I don’t understand the comment that they can’t mix anything other than powder and water. I do shake them quickly before running the mixer, and then run them twice (at a longer setting) to make them fully mixed, but I have never encountered the problem that the moo mixer cup cannot be mixed or blocked or similar problems.

  Shake mixer cup works well and is often used. It has been used every day for almost a year. Even if they resign tomorrow, I get more value from them than my money. (but I don’t think they will fail soon!) I strongly recommend portable mixer cup!