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  I use this protein shaker bottle Amazon to make a protein shake for lunch. I like protein shaker bottle near me very much. In addition to being super cute, it blends my milkshake better and has less caking than the ordinary milkshake cup I used before. I just put in liquid and powder and press the button to go away.

  I like that I don’t have to stand there and shake my electric blender bottle Walmart anymore. Unlike my full-size mixer, it is very easy to clean. It’s rechargeable and easy to carry, so I can even carry it with me. For me, use it twice a day (shake it once and clean it with soap and water once). The battery can last about 2 and a half weeks, and then I need to charge it.

  There is a light indicating the battery power on the base (when you mix the milkshake, the protein shaker bottle Asda looks very cool). The charger is magnetic, so it is easy to plug in, but other chargers are incompatible, so be sure not to lose the attached electric shaker bottle.

  I don’t have any complaints except that I can’t add ice. I like my milkshake. It’s cold, so I used to add ice. The stirring paddle is plastic and doesn’t look very strong, so I won’t add ice to this electric shaker cup. I just make my milkshake early now and put it in the fridge until I’m ready to drink, so it’s good and cold.

  Do not put ice or frozen fruit in the blender! The intermediate of mixing protein powder, tea, strong green or other powder based healthy mixtures is just a rotator. Promisx electric shaker is not designed for frozen food / ice. If you want to add fresh fruit, make sure to puree it first. If you cut them into small pieces of fruit, you are not designed to drink / chew.

  It’s perfect for me to drink energy drinks before and after exercise, as well as protein milkshakes for meals or any muscle strengthening. Portable for those on the road. Charging power base. If you haven’t finished drinking 20 ounces or mixing the night before, use the lid to store the leftovers so that you can grab the shaker protein electric when you go out. Do not refrigerate or clean the power base. I like this electric shaker for gym.